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The process of establishing a successful online presence can involve Web Design or Redesign, E-commerce and database integration, as well as a security evaluation and Marketing Plan Implementation.

We will consult you through the process and help you to achieve your goals.

Steps of the Design Process

  • Determine your online marketing objective
  • Research Your Industry
  • Gather content for the website
  • Proceed with the site design process (mock-up phase I)
  • Present site for approval
  • Review and modify site ( if necessary)
  • Gain approval proceed to programming (phase II)
  • Present completed website
  • Provide a training session on site admin and email CMS
  • Go "live" with the site by placing it online

How Long Will it Take?

Generally a mock-up (phase I) is presented within a week to 10 days. Afterwards, providing we have all the necessary content, we can usually "go live" with your new website within 1 week afte presentation and adjustments in the mock-up.


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