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Social media is changing the way we do business.

Social media marketing can build goodwill and nurture brands like no other technique. For the first time, companies can connect with their customers in a way that‘s human, responsive and intuitive.

You need to decide what role social media will play in your business. Not if, not when, but now.

Mastering social media isn‘t easy. It takes time, it takes patience, it takes commitment and it takes expertise over a medium that‘s developing so fast, ground rules can be hard to decipher.

We offer the following social media services:

Social Media Set-Up, Customization & Management

The Social Media Set Up & Customization package is our base package of which all other services we offer are built upon. Using the two most common social media platforms for social media marketing, Facebook and Twitter, we will create, customize, tweak and manage these social network accounts to make use of them most effectively.

This package includes:

  • Learning all about you and your business to identify the needs
  • Develop a comprehensive social media marketing strategy on what to post about, when to post it, etc.
  • Research what your competitors are doing in the space
  • Formulate specific and measurable goals
  • Creation of Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Tweaking of each account to best suit your organization’s needs
  • Theming of each account with custom graphics and landing pages
  • Placing social media icons on your website
  • Integrating social network widgets on your website to encourage interaction
  • Manage your social media accounts (ie. make posts, initiate and participate in engaging conversations, respond to questions, etc.)
  • Monitor, track and analyze your campaign to continually optimize our strategy


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