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We have designed and promoted hundreds of web sites. We have become experts at web site visibility.

Web visibility is not an easy thing to accomplish. Search engines change their submission and electronic indexing procedures intentionally on a regular basis. Recently, some of the major search engines have begun to charge several hundred dollars only with the promise to "look" at your web site within a given amount of time.

In order to market a website, the client should have particular goals in mind that hope to be achieved. With these goals in mind and our experience in website marketing we can analyze your website to determine what changes may be needed to make the site more prominent in search engine results. This often requires some analysis of competitor's website's as well. Our marketing plan is the proper online placement of keywords and advertisements to draw the most qualified traffic to your website.

Most major search engines send out automated programs, called "spiders" to index website's. These "spiders" examine the content and keywords of a website to determine where that site should stand in the rankings when users put in particular keywords. Search engine optimization involves setting up a website in such a way that the "spiders" will give it high ranking in a search query on a particular keyword or words that the website owner targeted as important. Website's that show up closer to the top of the page in search engine results have been proven to be visited more often ... and more likely to provide traffic to your site that results in sales.

We have found that with proper optimization of your website, patience and simply following the rules the search engines themselves provide for maximum visibility, very positive results usually follow.

Sponsor Advertising - pay-per-click

We will also show you how to get interested visitors to your web site the day it goes on line. We will recommend low cost sponsor ads which can cost as little as $1.00 per day. Sponsor ads show above all other site links at search engines such as Google and Yahoo only when someone searches for products and services related to your web site.
We will assist you in your sponsor ad campaign once your web site goes online.


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