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Web Ad - Static Ads, Flash Banner ads & Rich Media Banner Ads

Almost 87% people research online for products or services before making a buying decision? You certainly don't want to ignore this audience who come specifically looking for the product or service that you offer. With effective online advertising, you get a unique combination of cost-effectiveness, scalability, targeted demographic and a rapidly growing potential customer base, along with meticulous tracking capabilities.

Animated ads, flash intros, rich media banner ads and flash ads combine the distinct advantages of print, broadcast and direct mail advertising. A well designed flash banner intro is great not only for branding, but also to drive sales.

A visually attractive and professionally designed banner ad can help create a positive impression in your customers' minds. Combine it with pleasing animation and rich media; you have a great advertising tool at your disposal. Banner ads of today have animation, video and even e-commerce capabilities.

Animations and Rich media advertising must be used prudently to engage with the audience in a non-intrusive manner. Annoying, interfering pop-ups or banners that distract the user from his web experience will do more harm than good. For effective web ads that bring the best results, you need the help of a professional graphic design company such as POC Media.

If you need a company logo, corporate identity or business card design, also see our "Print" section.


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