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Corporate Brochure

Quality of your marketing communication is very important factor determining the success of your business.

Brochures provide detailed information about your products and services in an appealing manner. Corporate brochures are usually light and compact, which means that your prospective customers can hold it in their hands and leisurely read through the information.

A ton of text crammed into two or three pages will not achieve the desired results. Creative brochure design incorporates a multitude of elements such as color, style, font and other visual elements, along with the content.

For marketing brochure design, it is important to understand the nature of the product and create the brochure accordingly. There is a tone or feel to every product or service, a corporate brochure design that does justice to what your product is all about, will bring about maximum results.

At Inkzoo, we undertake graphic design brochures that reinforce the quality and policies of your company. If you have your own color scheme for your company, we incorporate that into the brochure design.
We employ a gamut of design elements such as photographs, charts, diagrams, colors and layouts to add aesthetics and convey the right message.


Businesses have always successfully marketed themselves with the help of flyers. Marketing through custom flyers is one of the most effective, tried and tested business strategies.

To make the most of your flyer based advertising and marketing efforts, a flyer design that is attractive and capable of capturing the attention of the audience is vital. For great graphic design flyers that are visually appealing and informative, choose from our single-sided and double-sided flyer designs.

Menus (restaurants)

Like brochures and flyers, a restaurant menu and especially a carry-out menu, really the same thing. It does after all focus on the products and services of the establishment.

Get in touch with POC Media for a flyer, brochure or other materials designed just right for your business!


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