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We have the ability to produce large-scale and small-scale web sites, and to employ the latest technology for multi-media, dynamic pages, databases, on-line content management, as well as e-commerce applications.

Our development team has been designing web sites since 1997 and have collectively designed and programmed several thousand web sites.

In addition to a large local customer base, we work with customers Internationally.

All customers receive a browser based content management system allowing you to edit your website easily through your browser. Our customers enjoy the freedom to add or change text, images and links anytime they wish for no additional cost. There is no software to install.

In addition to Web Site Design, there are many related web services we offer, such as web site hosting if you already have a site your are pleased with but would like to improve in this area.

POC Media can also install a Content Management System (CMS) to your existing site on any server allowing you to make changes to your content as you please.

Additionally, improving your website's ranking in search results is a task that shouldn't be ignored, or done improperly.

Perhaps you have a Social Networking page with a site such as Face book or Linkedin and would like to cross promote your web site and your social pages... we can do that to.

Let us know how we can help.


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