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Placemat advertising enhances advertising opportunities as it targets an audience during a time where they are most likely relaxing. A patron usually waits ten to fifteen minutes for their food to arrive. Those ten to fifteen minutes present a valuable advertising opportunity as opposed to accosting people while they are on the go.

Placemat advertising enables a business establishment to be constantly viewed by a high volume of customers. The full color ads are printed on paper and are distributed to different food establishments to be viewed by its patrons on a daily basis. The fact that the placemat advertisements are laid on the dining table maximizes exposure, as they are placed on an area which cannot be ignored.

Placemat advertising also makes things easier for an establishment's proprietors, as the placemats are distributed for free, and printed on paper. This minimizes cleaning time and lessens the amount of labor involved in cleaning tables.

Why Advertise on Placemats with POC MEDIA ?

  • Placemat advertising is a proven method of advertising that has a
    readership rate of over 85%.
  • An effective and successful way of getting your message out
    about your product or service.
  • Will give you constant advertising exposure with 10,000 full
    color ad’s right inside the restaurant of your choice.
  • This is a very inexpensive way to advertise. 
  • Imagine your ad seen and read every minute of the business day
    by potential customers.

Discover the Benefits

With placemat advertising you get:

  • A captive audience.
  • Your ad reviewed all day every day by hundreds of potential
  • The most value for your advertising dollar.

We are dedicated to getting your message out to potential customers. We strive to help you succeed and grow your business. When we do our job right, we succeed. Why? Because you come back to us for your future advertising needs and our business grows too!

Getting your message out is important, getting it out effectively can be more important than the message itself.

With Placemat Advertising you get the best value for your advertising dollar!

Maximize Your Return

With Placemat Advertising you get a captive audience, and your ad will be viewed by thousands of local customers
Having POC MEDIA™ take care of your advertising needs is the best choice for a successful advertising campaign.

Why not contact us today and find out more from one of our friendly professional advertising representatives.

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